"Saksaganskiy Park" Krivoy Rog

Saksaganskiy Park is a district park, located on Bykova Street. The area is 5,600 m2.
Parks, squares and other landscaping objects change the atmosphere of both the neighborhood and the impression of the city.

Let's do it together, let's do it better!
And the process began with the arrangement of a play area with non-traumatic surface, so the children can play and have fun without fear of injury. It includes equipment for children and seating for adults and seniors. New light poles will allow for safe outdoor time even at late hours.
Children's Playground
Finally getting to the fun part! Inclusive entertainment, swings, slides and other fun facilities for a group of people with limited mobility. We tried to ensure freedom of action for anyone and everyone! No one should feel disadvantaged on modern playgrounds
We have tried and done good for you, let's keep this beauty. what we have built together.

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